The basic necessities for a healthy Garden maintenance Service in UAE flower garden are simple: well-prepared soil, careful seeding and planting at the right time, warmth, food and moisture; Attention to pest and weed control.

Intact weeds will compete with plants in your garden for food and moisture and can be a source of disease and pests. For fruits, flowers, vegetables and bushes, all of them can be controlled with chemical and cultivation measures.

Chemical methods use herbicides on driveways or pathways. Aminotriazole or simazine are suitable materials when used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and are very effective under most conditions. Cultivation is the most convenient method to use in most gardens. Use a hoe regularly in the summer to cut down weeds before they have a chance to develop and take over. Start this job in the morning or as early as you can. In the winter months dig the weeds into the ground. It’s best to dig up large weeds completely or cut and pull them up.

Halting and Bundling Halting means removing the growing point after four or six leaves have formed. (The first two leaves that form don’t count.) This causes the plant to bud and produce more flowers in a bushy fashion, rather than a tall, spindly fashion. Sweet peas, dahlias, snapdragons, fuchsias and geraniums respond very well to this procedure. Some varieties produce more buds than can be supported and bloom to perfection, but by judicious thinning, earlier and better quality flowers can be produced to beautify the flower garden.

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