Log home maintenance doesn’t have to be a headache if you Log Home Maintenance Service in Dubai set up a routine maintenance schedule. Homeowners should consider maintaining their log home as an ongoing project. Reapplying log stain and applying some caulking or caulking every couple of years is an absolute must for most log home owners. Below are some tips for keeping your records.

Walk around the perimeter of your house once a year.
Look to see if you have any new checks that need to be filled with caulking material.
Examine any areas of high humidity for possible water damage. If rot is present, use a wood restoration product to remedy the situation.
Look for small holes created by wood-boring insects. Consult Mountain Home Building Products to resolve this type of problem.
See if the stain has faded.
Lightly clean the wood before applying more stain material. The idea is to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the surface of the wood. The new tint material is only as good as the surface it adheres to.
It is best to use the same stain that was originally applied to your home. It is possible to change tint, but make sure the new tint is compatible with the old tint material.
Use a quality dye. I recommend a product called Transformation Tint. The better the stain material, the less maintenance your logs will require.
Log stains should last about 3 years on the south side of your house and 4-5 years on the other sides of your house. The better you prepare the surface, the longer the stain will last.
Fill all holes and cracks 1/4″ or larger. This will prevent water or insects from entering your home.
Look for tears in your clink. This material can occur from a poor initial jingle application or excessive movement in your wood. Repairing the torn crack can be as easy as reapplying more cracking material to the existing gap. Most clinking materials stick to themselves.

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