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Home maintenance services Dubai

We provide home maintenance service Dubai for your apartments, villas and offices. If you’re looking for a general home maintenance services drilling and hanging and mounting task, troubleshooting an electrical short circuit, or installing appliances and machinery, you’re in the right place. We also do plumbing work Dubai related to fixing water leaks and replacing water heaters. Home Maintenance Dubai also offers carpenter door locks, hinges, handle repairs Dubai and plaster partition creation. Masonry marble and tiling work. In addition, painting services include the installation or removal of interiors, exteriors and wallpapers. Our services also include annual home maintenance services AC / chiller and central air conditioning repairs. Home maintenance service plans Let our professionals and technicians offer a wide range of affordable repairs, state-of-the-art tools, improvements and remodeling services to help you repair your home.


24/7 emergency home maintenance repairs Dubai:

Do you have an electrical Work in Dubai or plumbing Work in Dubai emergency in your apartment office or villa, or are you looking for a 24/7 emergency service in Dubai? We are here to solve all of your emergency home maintenance issues very quickly and 24/7, anywhere in Dubai. Did a leak occur? Call an experienced emergency handyman. He will help you get rid of your leak problem. If the lights aren’t working, the fuse is blown, or the breaker is tripping in your house, call us. An emergency handyman will come soon to solve the problem.

Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract:

We also offer an annual Dubai contract for home maintenance of apartments, villas, restaurants or offices. Our service is very rational and friendly. We will provide repair service anywhere within 30 minutes.

General handyman excavation work:

Whenever you move to a new home, there is a lot of work to do. Drilling should be done by a specialist. Otherwise, the appearance of the house may be spoiled. Drilling operations include hanging photos and shelves on the wall, fixing the TV to the wall, and hanging blinds on the windows.

Handyman Electrician:

Our handyman electricians Service are fully trained to handle all kinds of electrical accidents. Our handyman electrician can help you repair all damaged appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. A handyman electrician can also install or repair wall sockets, light bulbs and chandeliers. You can also call a handyman’s electrician if the AC is not cooled.

Handyman carpenter:

Our carpenter handyman Services does all sorts of work, from creating new wardrobes, creating plaster wall walls, installing wooden floors, and more. Our professional carpenters can also do small tasks at home, such as assembling furniture, repairing furniture, repairing doors, repairing structures, building door frames, and more best home maintenance services in Dubai .

Handyman Plumber:

If you face an accidental faucet leak, water heater leak, or AC / chiller leak in your apartment office or villa, don’t forget that the handyman plumber Dubai will call you right away. You can ask him to repair a leak in a water tank, repair a water pump, repair a water heater, open a clogged drain, and sanitize. Our handyman plumber Dubai can also install a washing machine and bathtub.

Our Services

Here at Dawaljabel, we provide a wide range of property and home maintenance services. No job is too big or too small. Select the service you require and simply make an appointment with our UK reservations team. Alternatively, learn more about how simple annual maintenance contracts can save you time, stress and money on your Home Maintenance Services Company in Dubai.

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We are an innovative and responsive company, utilizing the latest technology in aluminium.


Daw Aljabal Technical Service is a trusted partner and producer of aluminum.

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Daw Aljabal Technical Service is a trusted partner and producer of aluminum.


Daw Aljabal Technical Service is a trusted partner and producer of aluminum.

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Daw Aljabal Technical Service is a trusted partner and producer of aluminum.


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